Ashtray navigations - beast series

Whilst the music evades easy categorisation due to variations in sound, approach and personnel, it often incorporates extended droning and lengthy guitar pieces. James Blackshaw described the Ashtray Navigations sound as "sub-aquatic synth bubble, busted-up cassette-tape hiss and distorted electric guitar hover that sounds like a mythical god banished from the realm of light and trying desperately to clamber his/her way out of a dark bottomless void where time itself stands still." The Wire's David Keenan has described Phil Todd/Ashtray Navigations as "a trashcan antidote to LaMonte Young."

New album just released. LP and CD set with 100 minutes total playing time. Please note that we are already nearly out of stock of copies of this, but another shipment of copies are on the way so there may be a slight delay with your order.

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Ashtray Navigations - Beast SeriesAshtray Navigations - Beast SeriesAshtray Navigations - Beast SeriesAshtray Navigations - Beast Series